Gods of Hindu Religion

11313077079_transparent.jpgThe fame of the oldest religion in the world is for Hinduism. Unlike other religions, Hinduism has many deities. Apauruseya – one which is not originated because of people, is what Hinduism is referred to as. This is also how Hindu gods are referred to . There are several deities in Hindu religion but they are all a part of the ultimate truth. This absolute power of the universe is known as Brahman.
The Concept of God in Religious Texts
The qualities of God has been explained clearly in scriptures of Hinduism. As he is the supreme power in the universe, everything that happens must be known to him. He reflects justice, love and beauty. He should be ready to bless all beings of the universe. According to Rigveda eleven Rudras, twelve Adityas, eight Vasus, Indra and Prajapathi are rulers of all living and non-living beings on Earth, the Space and the Heaven.

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The Concept of a Deity in Hindu Religion

Hinduism is very old when compared to other religions in the world. One can find several Gods and Goddesses in Hindu religion. Hindu God Vishnu : Saviour or Conspiracy Hatcher

If Vishnu himself being the Sustainer of the universe, hatch conspiracy and misguide demons from righteous path and later in the name of dharma destroy them. then how should the deeds of righteous peoples or demons can be judge when god himself misguide them to do sin or evil. even if we consider humans and demons will be reborn or incarnate again after their death depend upon their deeds, then how god will judge their deed whom god himself misguided ?????. Hanuman – The Respected Hindu Deity

Lord Hanuman is one among the most loved gods in the Hindu religion worshipped by a huge number of devotees across India and the world. People refer to him to as ‘Bajrang Bali’, ‘Maruti’ and ‘Anjaneya’, three of his numerous names that he is known by. The Doctrine of Absolute God in Vedic Religion

Even though practitioners of Hinduism are seen worshipping the gods Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, the actual Supreme Being of Indian Religion or Hinduism is called Para-Brahman, or simply Brahman, the Absolute.The holy Scripture also mentions that irrespective of the number of gods in Hindu religion, the ultimate power is one.
Adhikaara and Ishta Devaa, 2 doctrines in Hindu religion, give the option to devotees to believe in any deity suiting their belief system and seek answers to their spiritual questions. To get the answers to the spiritual questions one has, he can believe in any deity.
Important Deities in Hindu Religion
As Hindu religion has many Goddesses and Gods, it is difficult to classify them in any way.
But it is believed that Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva are highly revered because they protect, create and destroy the universe. Apart from these deities, the female deities originated from the power Shakti are also worshipped. Among these Goddesses Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati are very important. Other forms of the power Shakti are Durga and Kali.
All male and female deities have different forms and they are also being worshipped by people. Krishna, Ganesha, Rama and Hanuman are considered to be favorites of a lot of Hindus. God and Goddesses are also addressed as Devas and Devis.
Important Avtars
The most important avtars as per Hindu religion are Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations. Devotees believe that, to destroy the Adharmic powers from the world, Lord Vishnu re-incarnates in each and every Yuga. These are known as his ten avatars. They are Balarama, Vamana, Matsya, Koorma, Varaha, Narasimha, Rama, Parashurama, Krishna and Khalki. According to Hindu religion, the present Yuga is Kaliyuga and Lord Vishnu re-incarnates as Khalki, the tenth incarnation.
It is believed that fire, water, earth, sun and air are also Gods. They also have the name 5 elements. They respect animals, trees and other beings which are regarded as gifts from god.


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